Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Decorating: Baskets, Bookshelves and Coffee Tables

Did you know I am a Realtor?  Yep.  Here is a peek into a model home I took my client to this week:

I liked the basket that they put under the table.  I have never decorated with baskets, but it looks warm and inviting.  The designer for this home also used baskets with a candle in it on the desk in the den.  

These pictures are from a condo in Midvale, Utah.  It was a great property.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo (brand new) for $149,900.  Great place.  If you want to go and look at this place, or something similar, contact me on Facebook.   

  Anyway, after I saw the cute den,  I started thinking about the bookshelves in my den that needed to be organized and I saw this post from The Lovely Cupboard.  

I love to decorate. I love getting ideas.  I hope this is helpful.  I will continue to post pics from the random places I get to see while I am on-the-job.  

Oh, and I learned something new.  I was watching Studio 5 and one of the contributors said that there are three simple elements to decorating coffee table.  We should  vary the height, add something unexpected (sculptural) and have a color theme. If only it were that easy. 

The designer for this model home had a great sculpture piece, but the coffee table was lack luster, it was missing something...

On that Studio 5 episode, one designer's words of wisdom for decorating your coffee table was to have 

1.  Have Something Short
  2.  Something Tall
3. Something Stacked
4. Something On Top of It All

I think the coffee table below has most, if not all of these elements.  I like this one much better than the model home's effort.  

 Until next time.  

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