Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choosing a Paint Color is Tough

What Color Strikes Your Fancy?

I am soooo loving all the great posts out there from people painting their walls shades of blue. I especially love the painted trellises.  

Like this one from Centsational Girl,

 and this one from nannygoat. 

Their rooms are gorgeous!!!!

However, I am a little gun-shy to actually do something like this in my new place. Can you guess why?  I am struggling with the pink carpet.  What goes with pink?

  The walls really need a fresh coat of paint.  I sincerely would love to paint blue somewhere in my home, but I really don't think it's going to happen.  So, I need to find a color that works with my space, and my style.   

Anyway, I was searching around online, looking for ideas and I happened upon an awesome tool on the Sherman Williams website.  It allows you to upload a picture of the room you want to paint, then you can switch out the colors to see what you think would go best.  

I found this extremely helpful, although, I am still confused as to what color to choose, I am at least on the right track.  Now I can play around on this website until a color strikes my fancy.  

I hope this helps any of you who are trying to figure out what color to paint your walls. 


Mom2fur said...

Green is a universal color that goes with everything, so maybe you could start from there.
BTW, did you know there's a method to the way those color swatches are set out in the paint store? I'm not exactly sure of the terminology but if you pick a color, all the colors in that row and all the colors in that column go together. In one direction, they are all the same 'value' but maybe different colors and in the other, they are the same color, but different shades. If you don't have a swatch of your rug, maybe you could get a crayon that matches it closely, then take that to the paint store and see if you can find a similar pink as a staring point.

Mom2fur said...

Uhh...of course I meant 'starting point,' LOL!