Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've Got My Eye On....

This chandelier!

I was searching online for lighting ideas, because I struck out at Lowe's, but then I came across this one on Overstock.com.  I was reading the reviews and they kept saying how this one was cheaper than the one over at ******.  I couldn't figure out where ******* was.  So I kept searching and found out that it is from Pottery Barn.  Well, no wonder I like it.  I think I just might have to ask Santa for this for Christmas.  :)  Happy me. 

Here is the pic from Pottery Barn.

Ah.  So pretty. 


Erica Williams said...

SO pretty! Santa should definately bring you that!

~L~ said...

Good news. We're getting a Crate and Barrel at Fashion Place mall. Awe home decor. Who can resist. Also, how easily you could find an old chandelier to refurbish. A little spray paint and bejeweling it would look exactly like this minus the pottery barn price tag.

Hailey said...

Ah, yes. But that would mean dragging my three little children everywhere while searching for this chandelier. Then, I would have to find time to complete said task.

Purchasing this chandelier was just too easy. I saw it, clicked, entered in some numbers, and viola, it's been shipped. :)

Feels good.

Vivian said...

That is beautiful! I remember one that was in my grandparent's house in the living room that had the tear shaped crystals and right before we would go home, he would lift us up and let us touch them.

House of Smiths said...

Ooo! i love that chandy!!!!!
It's JUST like the pottery barn one!
Nice shoppin' girl! :)