Monday, July 26, 2010

Decorative Drapes

This is a simple post.  Nothing fancy, just short and sweet.  So, we've just moved into our new place and things are finally starting to come together.  I've been making new drapes, taking old ones down and finding new homes for some of my favorite decorations.

I  made some decorative floral drapes.  I used a rod from Rod Works and  tied my long drapes to it.  I think it softens the informal dining room and makes the space more inviting.

Here's a close-up of the ties on to the rod.

That's what I've been up to.  I am not sure if this is the look I was going for, now that I look at it, it looks a little old, so it might change, but for now this is what my informal dining room looks like.


Robyn said...

I was just wondering how you were doing in your new home! I love the birdhouses and your drapes!

Hailey said...

Robyn, thanks for the comment. Things are going great. There is so much to do. So little motivation... I mean time. :) How are you? How is your new place?

BallFamily said...

The drapes look great! I'm glad that you have finally used the Rod Works rods. I love 'em.