Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Drab to Fab

My giant lovesac was looking a little tired, and it had so many horribly stitched repairs to it that I decided to recover it.  I visited Home Fabrics, a discount fabric store in Murray, and purchased 5 1/2 yards of this cherry red, damask fabric.  It's pretty bold, but it looked fresh and fun.  Anyway, I am not the best sewer, so I asked my friend Emily to help sew it for me, and voila.  A new look for my big bean bag, lovesac, thingy.

Nothing too creative, or out of the norm, but this project has given new life to my living space, so that's exciting to me.


Charity said...

Looks awesome! Love the fabric - so much fun :)

DaNette said...

Way cute...but does it match your new home??

Cat said...

Love the fabric!! I know, I wish I could sew better too! Your friend is sweet to help!
xoxo, Cat @