Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're Trippin'

We are getting ready for a road trip so I made the kids some neck pillows, because dang it, I hate to see their heads crumpled over for hours on end, it just looks like it hurts. So, after I made them I did some blog surfing and found that Betz White made an awesome version of a neck pillow that would really be more useful. Shoot! Why didn't I look before I started making these!!!

Anyway, we've tried these ones out and they work great, but it might have been better if they were longer...hence the neck pillow Betz White made out of old sweat pants...what a very creative idea! But hey, give me credit for the darling fabric, with the appliqued initial! Wink, wink, toot, toot. Oh well, a lesson learned. Practicality must precede cuteness.

Anyway, if you still want the pattern for the one I made, here it is.

If you want to make a more useful neck pillow, try here!


BallFamily said...

I want to order two. :) We are driving to Las Vegas at the end of September and I think the kids would love these. Let's talk!

BallFamily said...

Thanks for making me some Hailey! Vallyn has showed off hers to everyone that has come over. But sorry - she is giving Preston and Cooper all the credit. We will have fun on our road trip next week.