Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SLOW DOWN...Sidewalk Chalk Idea

The street I live on is semi-busy. It's one of the main ways to enter and exit the neighborhood. Between me and my neighbors we have seven kids under eight. So, we all bought the Step 2 Kid Alert Safety Sign, but we still have people who FLY down the road.

When I got home today, my neighbors were beaming with joy to see my reaction to the sidewalk chalk project they had been working on all day. They are so cute. They drew a crosswalk with sidewalk chalk! Super idea girls!

I stayed outside to survey the traffic, and honestly, this truly did slow people down. And that is the goal!!!! Thanks ladies for keeping the kids safe. :)


Miss Heather said...

Man, our road is the same! It's 25mph but people continue to go 40-50 CONSTANTLY!! I was thinking of putting up signs... this is a great idea!!! :)

DaNette said...

I love it. Smart thinking.

Susie said...

Did the kids stand in the middle of the road and draw that? Or was it the moms?