Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Attempt - "A" for effort; "B" for a Good Deal

It seems like a lot of my girlfriends are getting into "couponing." So, I've been kinda lookin' around, trying to see how to go about getting a deal on groceries (you've probably noticed the Fabulessly Frugal blog on the side there). Well, tonight I made my first attmept. So before I went to YW, me and Cam sat down and printed off coupons and he wrote down for me what to buy and how to get the deal (he is so funny, he loves a puzzle and that is exactly what couponing is...a big old game!) So I went to Albertson's (or better known as "Albies" in this new world I've discovered) and bought 7 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk, and a loaf of bread for $12.77. That's 10 items for approx. $1.28 each. I didn't get a deal on the bread or one gallon of milk (I had one $0.75 off coupon for the other gallon of milk), but other than that, I think overall my efforts paid off. The receipt said I saved $30.10. I know other people save tons more, and I aspire to do better, but for a first time effort, I am pretty happy with the end result. :) Hooray for coupons.


Shauna said...

That is awesome! I have tried to do it also. Go to It is the Grocery Guru. He will tell you the best deals at Albertsons that week and where to find the coupon in the sunday newspaper. There have been weeks that I have saved over $80.00! and are great too! Good luck!!!

Heather Jeppsen said...

You have to start out small at first or it gets too overwhelming. Hang on, 6 more days till the coupon meeting. I can explain more later too.

nichole said...

I am totally crazy about couponing. I actually have my own frugal blog. It is really addicting once you get going. Have fun and good job!

Love, coli