Friday, December 12, 2008

D'oh - The YW Theme Changed!

I am currently serving as the Young Womens Secretary in our ward, and with that I was assigned the duty of finding a b-day gift for 2009. I looked on all the trendy church websites and found these darling chapsticks with the YW Values on it. It was perfect. I ordered 75 of them. So, I just received the shipment like three weeks ago, but earlier this week I was searching online for some New Beginning Activity ideas and found an article about the new value for the YW Theme. I about died. My chapsticks don't have the new value on them (by the way, it's Virtue, value color: gold). So, we just had a board meeting and decided to give the young women the chapsticks for a Christmas gift instead and tie gold ribbon on it to introduce the new value/color. Ugh. Anyone have ideas for a new birthday gift? We are thinking about doing ribbon bookmarks for their scriptures.

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Erica Williams said...

You were right, those are really cute. Use them for something else, the girls will still love them. And, your boys are DARLING in their ties!