Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Pictures

This year was hard for Halloween costumes. I didn't know what to have my kids dress up as because of Preston's cast. We went to a costume party last weekend and I am grateful for that because it gave me the opportunity to "test-out" their costumes before and see how they liked them. Originally I had Cooper as the surgeon and Preston as the patient. But, it turned out the Preston didn't really have a costume because he wouldn't let me put bandages on his head, or a sling on his arm, etc., so he basically didn't have a costume. Cooper loved his play doctor kit tools, so for Halloween night I decided to keep Cooper as the surgeon, and dress Preston up as a policeman. I had a cardboard box car that I had made for their one-year-old birthday party, so I just recycled that and attached it to his stroller. I didn't have time to go and get him a policeman's hat or anything, but for a quick costume, I think it turned out great.


Charity said...

You did a great job! Way to go!

Miss Heather said...

SUPER cute! I love the police car. It's adorable!