Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspiration...It's a Good Thing.

I am amazed at some of the posts that I've seen out there lately.  Like this post.  She freaking made a table...a very HEAVY farm table, in a matter of hours...WITHOUT help from her husband!  I don't even know how to use a drill, or any power tool for that matter, and my heavens, I don't even know where I would even find wood like that do complete that project.  But, I give her props!  In fact, I am envious of her talents!  You go girl.  But man, that makes me want to get my butt in gear and finish up the little projects that have been nagging me for the last few weeks. 

I have been trying to finish painting my dining room in preparation for a new table that I ordered back in the second week of November.  While waiting for the table I also thought I could paint a hutch that I inherited, and hang a chandelier. Sounds easy enough, right?  I said to myself that I would finish these projects by the time the table arrived.  But, with no word from the people I ordered the table from, I lost my motivation to finish-up all those little projects I started.  I called the store and they said that the table should have been here by now, but that they don't know where it is and they'll call me when they know more information.  WHAT!?!  So, here I am, still working on the stripes.  I know it sounds funny to need a deadline in order to get anything accomplished, but I guess that's how I work.

At any rate, things are taking TOO LONG to complete!  I was just about to lose my inspiration for all this work I have been SLOWLY pecking away at until a small miracle happened...I watched Studio 5 and guess what...I was INSPIRED.

Isn't inspiration a funny thing.  It's like a drug...and really, I don't even know what that means because I've never done drugs, but what I am trying to say is that it's addicting.  Once I see something that is inspiring it moves me to want to do something.  It's fabulous!  I start to doodle my ideas on paper, oh, but I just don't draw it once, I draw it, redraw it, then I add color to it.  It is so much fun.  This is the part that I love the most, the dreaming and planning.  It's almost more fun than actually putting it all together.  I love being inspired.  Can you tell?  

Anyway, back to the point.  There was this cute designer on the show from 6th Street Design.  She showed a picture of a dining room that she did and I fell in love with the idea of it!  I am so thankful that I watched that show that day!  I was seriously losing my desire to decorate my dining room.  But now I am back on track and looking forward to finding new fabric/rugs/lighting, and I won't  forget to finish the painting projects I've already started.  I do not have to live in "construction mode."  Right?  Anyway.  I am feeling motivated to finish up what I started.  I have no idea when my table will be here, but the room will be ready when it does!   

So here is what I saw on Studio 5.

What do I love about this design?  I love the drapes (especially the bold pattern of the fabric), the window seat, the wreath in the window, the lighting...everything!  I am excited to try to do something like this...with my own spin on it and with a budget in mind, of course.    

So, I guess I should try to learn how to operate a power tool so that I can learn how to make a window seat.  Hmmm..this should be interesting.  I am not guaranteeing anything.  And I am not saying that my room is going to be exactly like this, but I can try. 

And I am thankful for all the happy feelings I have been having,
all due to a little thing called 

I * N * S * P * I * R * A * T * I * O * N.


Erica Williams said...

If anyone can pull that off, it will be you! I can't wait to see what you've dreamed up :)

Barbie said...

Go for the power tools! They even sell them in smaller sizes for women now.