Monday, October 19, 2009

Pinewood Derby Car - Girlified.

Surprise Birthday Party
Pinewood Derby Style

This past weekend we went to a surprise pinewood derby car birthday party for a friend who turned 30.  I really didn't want to carve a car, so when my hubby gave me his flawed "trial run" car, I decided it might be kinda fun to decorate.  My theme was New Moon - Team Jacob (notice the blood, aka red paint, splattered on the bottom).  Here are some pictures:  

Only a few girls came with cars...can you guess which ones?

Yep, Team Jacob (lane 3) and the pink Barbie car (lane 6).  

And guess what!  Cam's "throw away car" that he gave to me won 3rd place (out of 16 cars!).  My car also won the "Ugliest" car award (I am thinking someone did not like the Twilight Series!)  

I guess that the purpose of this post is to let all the mothers of scout aged boys know that the Pinewood Derby can be really fun.  Help your kids make creative cars by choosing a themed design (movies, their favorite cartoon character/tv show), or cars that look like animals.  Or try making a car that looks like their favorite kind of car.  The possibilities are endless and it makes the derby more interesting. 

Here is a pic of a pig car.  


 And here is a pic of a car that looks just like a Volkswagen GTI.

This was a really fun party.  Thanks Heather for a night of entertainment and fun hanging out with friends.  We had a great time.  Happy birthday Michael.  


The Yost Family said...

Your new moon car is awesome! I love it! :)

~L~ said...

haha that's great.

Shanna and Tom said...

GO Team Jacob! I love your "New Moon" car! That should have won first place!

BallFamily said...

I really don't think you deserved the Ugliest car award. I thought it turned out pretty great considering that it was Cam's throw away car!