Monday, October 12, 2009

All Decked Out for Halloween

Projects of the week:  
Baby Legs and Crochet Flower Bows.  

The other day I picked up some cute orange and black striped knee high socks at Target to make Baby Legs  like the ones I saw on Nannygoat's blog.  I think they are soooo cute. And I had full intention to get to the project before Saturday (the day we had planned to go to the pumpkin patch).  But I just didn't get to it.  So, to heck with it.  I just cut off the foot part of the sock and called it good.  And you know what?  I think it turned out pretty dang cute.  The socks kinda rolled up naturally and it gave it some personality.  So, I made baby legs.  Even if all I did was cut off the footies.  :)

But really, this week I did do some major crafting.  I made a kajillion crochet flower bows.  Cam was on a scout camp out, so I had an evening to myself.  After the kids were all in bed I set up shop in front of the TV and watched a few movies while I made tons of little bows.  It was very therapeutic. 

Here's a pic of Brielle with her crochet flower bow and her baby legs...

This is Cam.  And my boys.

Here are a select few of the bows I crocheted.

I modified a crochet pattern that I found on Crochet Today. The flower they show is humongous and it has three layers.  Mine is much smaller and only has two layers (except for the orange and black one, it does have three layers).  Here are the changes I made:

1.  Use a G hook and only one strand of yarn (baby soft or sport yarn.)
2.  I didn't fasten off or change colors until round 4.
3.  I stopped after round 6.

Also, instead of making a crocheted center I used a button.  I decided to use buttons because I just learned about button making kits!  I know.  I am way out of the loop.  Now I am fascinated with making buttons.  The kits are only $1.50-ish at Walmart.  Amazing.

To finish off the bow I placed a felt circle on the back and glued on the hair clip (sorry no pic).

One more thing.  I've been experimenting with Photoshop.  So, please bear with me while I learn some new photo tricks.  Thanks!


DaNette said...

I think I need some of these bows for Livy. Let me know how much you'd be willing to give them up for. Waay cute. Do you also knit/crochet hats?
P.S. I love little Brielle's leggings.

~L~ said...

When will we be having our thrift store scavenger hunt? The anticipation is truly killing me.

Jasmine said...

What else are you making? I'm still planning on having my boutique November 7th, but I have way too many bows as it is. Let me know if you want in . :)

Shanna and Tom said...

Can I PLEASE buy some from you? They are SOOOO cute!! Like I said're the craftiest person I know!