Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happily Thinking...What!

Well, shoot! I can't say THANK YOU enough to Creative Crate for featuring my Old Window Project. It has been really fun to see all the comments and people coming to visit my little blog. I am working on a few things right now...but can't post yet. I still need to make a run to the Fabric Center. I just can't seem to muster up the courage to take all my kids with me to that store, so I will have to wait till Saturday when the hubby is home.


Shauna said...

Call me! Rickee would love to play with Preston and Cooper and I could play with Brielle! Kamree is off track also for another week. We would have a great time!!
Oh, congrats on your feature!! It is very cute!

~L~ said...

What a great feature. Hooray! Ya know what I was thinking you could also do for the glass pane part is use dry erase marker to leave little notes on it. OR if you found a three pane window with the glass still there. You could put the three kids names at the top and write in their daily chores, activities or what not. Anyways, love ya. See ya later.