Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January Update

January has been an interesting month. First, it seems to be a popular time for b-days for the Johansen/Steadman family. We celebrated 7 birthdays last month. We have been so busy it seems we have hardly had any time to sit back and relax. With all the fun we've been having, we've also experienced some not-so-fun stuff. First, our washing machine broke. Then our refrigerator decided to stop, then I slid off the road during a snow storm and totally jacked Cam's front tire. I also fell flat on my belly in a parking lot and had to go to the hospital to have the baby checked. Both of my boys and I have been sick. We almost had to take Coop up to Primary Children's b/c his sats were so low (he was actually turning blue). We came home from the doctor's office with a breathing treatment machine for him. And to top all that off we had to decide whether or not to make a life-changing decision when Cameron applied for and was offered a new job(we decided to stay with his current employer in the end).

Even with all that being said, I truly feel like we've been watched over by Heavenly Father. All the mishaps we've had have really been minor compared to the outcome they could have become. Cam was able to fix the washer with a $20 part. And Sherri came over one night with Dru to give Cam a Father's blessing and she was able to help him fix our fridge. The baby is doing really well even though I totally crunched her and our good neighbors are going to fix Cam's car. Another good thing is that we found out that even in this tough economy Cameron would be able to find another job if he had too and this new opportunity motivated him to further his certifications.

Also, if any of you are fans of "The Secret" you'll be happy to hear that Cameron and I actually got a "check-in-the-mail" yesterday that we weren't expecting. Good things do happen for no reason at all sometimes. It's great. The funny thing is, is that almost every day when Cam brings in the mail I ask him if there's a check in there. And it actually came true. :)

We've had a great month, all things considered and are looking forward to what lies ahead. This month we are going to finish getting ready for baby girl to arrive and we pray that everything goes according to plan.


DaNette said...

That sounds like one crazy month! It's amazing the blessings we receive if we're doing what's right. The Lord always provides.
I'm glad all is well, call me if you need ANYTHING, especially with this little girl on the way.
Plus...we did get that bounce pass to jumpin' jacks so we will have to go sometime soon before your pass runs out.

Erica Williams said...

You really did have quite the month! I'm glad that things are looking up though. Your boys are darling. I hope they had a happy birthday!

Miss Heather said...

Mike almost had a heart-attack when I read him this post because he loves having Cam as his boss. We're both glad he didn't take the new job... and that Cooper, you and the baby are okay!

Adriana said...

Hailey I am so glad that everything is getting better. Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up in the end. I am so happy that Cam is happy too. Your family means the world to me and I love you guys so much and totally look up to your example all the time! Love you and miss you, see you this weekend!