Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love to See the Temple

Did you know that Preston loves temples? He also loves churches, and he loves to sing, "I Love to See the Temple." Cooper had fallen asleep in the car on our way home from having lunch with Cam and over the horizon Preston spotted the spires of the Jordan River Temple. He said, "Mommy, look...look, I see the temple!" He was so excited. I said, "Yes sweetheart, that's the temple." And I kept driving. He said again, "Look, Mommy, the temple." And, I quietly agreed. I was not understanding that he wanted to go to the see the temple. He then angrily yelled, "Mommy, I want to see the temple!!" We were driving right by, so I turned in the temple round-about, in front of the fountain and let him take in the beauty of the temple. He asked me to sing the temple song, so we sang. Then I said, "say goodbye to the temple." He said, "No Mommy, I am not ready yet." Five minutes went by and I waited patiently. He finally said, "OK Mommy, I am ready to go... Mommy, I love the temple."


Miss Heather said...

That's the cutest thing I've ever heard. Obviously you're a GREAT mom! :)

Erica Williams said...

Oh, how sweet is that? Aren't those the best mommy moments?

Charity said...

That is so so so sweet. What great kids you have.